As of 2018, India had 1 out of 3 children in the world who had stunted growth due to under nutrition, as per the Global Nutrition Report 2018. 24% of the world’s 820 million people who live hungry are in India, and India has the world’s highest population of children under the age of 5 who are underweight.

KCorp Charitable Foundation has been devoting in the cause of Food and Nutrition for all via its diversified collaborations that help us channelize our resources to create maximum impact. Here are a few of our initiatives:


Kcorp Charitable Foundation has partnered with Robin Hood Army to serve 6 Million meals across 867 villages this Independence Day!

KCorp Charitable Foundation is providing 60 tonnes of grain to Robin Hood Army which is being distributed by over 40,000 volunteers across the country.


K Corp Charitable Foundation have sponsored 51 villages in Maharashtra where we will be focusing on the first 1000 Days of life that will focus on children, adolescents and women in these villages. Action Against Hunger will be setting up infrastructure, and a team to support these villages, and aim to eradicate malnutrition and other health related issues around the first 1000 days of children through proper nutrition and guidance.

K Corp Charitable Foundation is working towards installing donation boxes across our airports to collect funds towards their malnutrition efforts in other states and villages around India.


We are donating excess food from some of our airport operations, and aiming to see how we can build this model in a more sustainable manner.

KCorp Charitable Foundation has always operated with the belief of following sustainable practices while making a difference in the society. Associating with Feeding India helped us achieve both these goals in a unique way. We reduced our daily food wastage while also providing underprivileged with healthy and good quality meals.

KCorp Charitable Foundation in coordination with Mr Sunil Kapur and Travel Food Services (TFS) which operates Airport Outlets at Terminal 1, CSIA Mumbai; International Airport Chennai, Terminal 3, IGIA Delhi and Lounges at Terminal 2, CSIA, have been investing in this partnership across the country in the aviation and travel industry.

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